Whimsical Play. Sea-spray Days. Endless Summers.

Childhood is fleeting. But the carefree joy and wonder doesn’t have to be. When you dress your kids in Nikki Rene, you envelop them in the sweetness of childhood just a little bit longer.

A pop of color + a wee bit of whimsy

The Beginnings

The seeds of the brand, Nikki Rene, were first planted on Nantucket Island. As a previous preschool teacher and craft fanatic, Nikki had always wanted to CREATE. She got her chance in 2016 at the Sustainable Nantucket Farmers & Artisans Market. Every Saturday during the summer, she enjoyed selling her hand-painted artworks to vacation-goers. Her designs stood out with their bright colors, cheerful patterns, and whimsical characters, and they soon became a crowd-favorite for families seeking nursery room art.

Two Babies Later

Two babies later, an opportunity arose for Nikki to share a space at the Peachtree Kids store in Nantucket, which gave her the chance to expand her designs to kidswear. She set about sourcing the softest fabrics for baby skin, and hand-painting colorful new designs. Through her clothing line, she hopes to capture the carefree whim, vast imagination, and pure joy of her own littles, and to share them with yours. Because everyone should have the chance to stomp around in rainbow-colored puddles and shimmy in sea-scented sunshine.

The Creative Process

Nikki creates both watercolor and cut-paper artwork that lend to her distinct and playful style. She does all of her own design, editing, and packaging, so it’s truly a hand-crafted work.

For her cut-paper art, she was heavily inspired by the children’s book author and illustrator, Eric Carle. First, she paints large batches of paper, using acrylics and anything with fun texture: carpet, sponges, and the pointy backs of paintbrushes. Then, she’ll sketch out a rough illustration to scale. Lastly, she cut tiny pieces of the painted paper and lay them down, using archival glue and tweezers. For her watercolor pieces, she enjoys painting with bright pops of color and using pen for her fine detail work.

Once a piece is finished, Nikki scans in the art and completes any necessary digital editing. She then prints, cuts, labels, and packages her art prints with care. For her clothing line, she has been learning the art of graphic design to create repeat patterns from her hand-painted artworks.

Weaving Childhood Magic into Every Moment

with hand-illustrated designs

Whimsical Play Ahead

With the happiest of play clothes, kiddos can immerse themselves in the world of make-believe.

Whimsical Dreams Ahead

With our soft and snuggly pajamas, kids will drift off to dreamland as if on a cloud.

Whimsical Wishes Ahead

With Nikki Rene art, you can mix and match prints to add a splash of cheer to your walls.